'BAD MOVES' Album Release

Hey Guys!

Chad ‘L.E’ McGhie here. I just wanted to personally thank everyone who has checked out the new album ‘BAD MOVES’ thus far. The kind words and feedback are truly humbling. Visiting each stop on the tour has been an adventure, and meeting all sorts of people has been nothing short of a thrill.

The lesson and theme behind the album is that the Bad Moves in our life is what lead us to our ultimate, and happiest, destinations. I am pleased that the theme has carried throughout the tour as well - I really am nothing without the mistakes I have made, and also, the amazing people who have reminded me of my worth along the way.

Life is a crazy ride. We’re all trying to live it. I am just fortunate to have you guys be a part of mine. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Chad ‘L.E’ McGhie

Crazy Beats. Real Words. Bad Moves.